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Women & Investing


Along with progress in education and careers, women's life expectancy has also improved, making it more likely that they'll outlive their male counterparts and:

*have a retirement of approximately 20 years or more

*have extended care needs as the vast majority of home care recipients and nursing home residents are women

*see their fixed retirement income diminish over time as a result of inflation

Women also tend to have less retirement savings than men. This is primarily due to taking time out of the work force to care for children or elderly parents. When women are not working, they are not contributing to Social Security or company retirement plans. Though this information might sound challenging, our firm offers guidance for women at any life stage.

Supporting the Women of Nashville

On June 20th, over 75 women gathered at Arrington Vineyard to attend an event on fashion and finance. We enjoyed networking with wine and hors d'oeuvres, and then tuned in for insights on 9 Must-Have Accessories. We had a great turnout due to our dedicated team of financial advisers and the great relationships they have with their clients. Who is helping you to  take the necessary steps to reach your financial goals? Our team would love to help. Click below to view our professionals.

Our Team

Our featured speaker, Ande Frazier, pinpointed women's fashion staples, and she related the importance of each item to our financial world. She emphasized financial habits such as organization, protection, savings, real estate, retirement and more. Ande is a Forbes author, was named one of the Top 100 in Finance 2019 by Top 100 Magazine, and is the CEO and Editor in Chief of myWorth, a media-driven community that inspires women to take control of their money by breaking down the emotional, behavioral, and societal barriers that hold them back. To learn more about myWorth and its impact on women, check out their website by clicking below.


We were thrilled to have our event at Arrington Vineyards at the Stone House property.   Through our relationship with Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, we were able to partner with a local business, Southern Roots Fashion in Franklin, Tennessee. Southern Roots supplied all of our props and donated beautiful items for our raffle.  Ande was able to use these fashion items as financial concept metaphors,  including shoes, hats and jewelry. We love partnering with local businesses in our community, and we are thankful for Southern Roots' generosity to make this event such a success. Click below to see what other community relationships Penn Mutual Music City has developed.

Our Community

This event was a great opportunity for women to network in all things finance, fashion and fun. We look forward to our next chance to support the women of the greater Nashville area in their pursuit of financial freedom. To check out helpful content for planning your financial future, click below.


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