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Women & Investing


Along with progress in education and careers, women's life expectancy has also improved, making it more likely that they'll outlive their male counterparts and:

*have a retirement of approximately 20 years or more

*have extended care needs as the vast majority of home care recipients and nursing home residents are women

*see their fixed retirement income diminish over time as a result of inflation

Women also tend to have less retirement savings than men. This is primarily due to taking time out of the work force to care for children or elderly parents. When women are not working, they are not contributing to Social Security or company retirement plans.

Make Sure You're Not Leaving Those You Love Most Unprotected

Like most women, you make many significant contributions to your household. But it’s hard to put a value on all that you do. Plus, women tend to focus more on taking care of others before taking care of themselves. As a result, many women have not adequately planned for their future and may not have fully calculated — and protected — their true worth. As indicated in numerous studies, women may be missing some of the basics of a sound financial plan, such as sufficient life insurance.

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